Jeanne Gnuse

BS, University of Dayton

In high school, I asked my parents for an allowance so that I could learn to manage money. With my first paycheck, I bought a season subscription to the Dayton Philharmonic and opened a savings account for purchasing stock.

My parents had a religious publishing business and both worked in the “office” especially during busy season. It was a natural for me to be happy in a family business helping others.

I always believed that women should be independent and knowledgeable about personal finance and decision making.

I actively encourage responsibility and independence as a prime value both at work, and with my three children.

When Tom first introduced me to his idea for a fee-only financial services firm, I was so excited about the prospect that over the years there has been a constant discussion of who started the firm and who is the boss!

Over 20 years later, I still am serving as the Corporate Secretary and overseeing the communication and community outreach efforts.

I consider my years as a top representative of a women’s apparel company, and successful volunteer with music organizations to be my on-the-job MBA.

I have sung classical choral music for years with local groups, as well as the Berkshire Choral International and at Carnegie Hall. My newest music skill is singing Cabaret for community organizations. Sometimes my vocal lessons take me to Don’t Tell Mama’s in New York City.

I have been active in many local community organizations including the New Canaan Community Foundation and Stratton Mountain Foundation. I enjoy outdoor activities with my family and seven grandchildren. I cannot believe that I still get to enjoy the outcome of launching HTG over 23 years ago and find happiness in knowing how many families the firm has been able to help with meeting their goals.


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