Our Original Values Carry On

Life is a series of transitions. While each transition offers challenges, opportunities can also be uncovered. During one such transition almost 25 years ago, Tom and I recognized an opportunity to fill a long-held dream of ours to help others. Specifically, we realized that many of our friends and neighbors were accumulating wealth, yet weren’t at a level to be interesting to the big investment firms. We saw a chance to help such individuals by offering personalized, disciplined investment management. I often refer to the work we do as financial ministering.

At the outset, we created a firm with a strong set of values. First and foremost, we adopted a fiduciary mindset, putting the interest of the client first and reducing conflicts of interest by limiting our revenues to only the fees paid by our clients.

In addition, we dedicated our practice to an investment process grounded in proven principles that help our clients to achieve their goals. Using a disciplined approach, we build portfolios using cost-effective funds run by world –class managers.

This combined commitment is intended to serve our clients for many years. HTG has now grown to a firm of twelve knowledgeable professionals dedicated to fully understanding our clients, their families and their specific financial needs.

The structure, philosophy and process on which our firm was founded led us to recently receive an honor in the RIA industry. HTG Investment Advisors Inc. was selected as one of the 2017 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisors.* We started as one of the first RIAs, and now are recognized as one of the top 300 in the US by this highly-regarded financial newspaper.

Receiving this notable award was like a graduation present for Tom and me as we implement our succession plan and assume a lesser role in the firm we founded.

We hand over more and more of the day-to-day responsibilities knowing that our original values of trust, support, encouragement, and caring about others will be in good hands. It is gratifying to see our original ideas gain traction and to form a caring business model for both our clients and employees.

Our personal and business values have not changed. They have been brought to life and proven during these 25 years. We are confident that these same values will sustain HTG Investment Advisors Inc. in the years ahead.


*Applicants were graded on six factors: assets under management(AUM) AUM growth rate; years in existence, advance industry credentials of the firm’s advisors, online accessibility and compliance records.
Jeanne Gnuse

Jeanne is a co-founder of HTG Investment Advisors Inc. She oversees the firm’s client communications, marketing, and community relations functions. Jeanne is the mother of three children and grandmother to seven. She loves helping others learn money value lessons.

Jeanne received her BS from the University of Dayton and pursued graduate studies at Ohio State University.
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