Casey Kaufman of HTG Advisors

Casey Kaufman

BA, Saint Michael’s College

Casey Kaufman of HTG Advisors

I grew up in Carmel, NY and attended Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a minor in business administration.

While this may seem like an unusual combination of studies, it was the perfect mix for me. I combined my passion for writing and creative thinking with my knack for organization, details and project management.

After college and some travel, I returned to live and work in the New York area. My original career focus was marketing, and I started freelance copywriting content for a variety of media including press releases, websites, blogs and social media.

I soon discovered that I craved more collaboration and interaction in my day-to-day work, and that I was ready to expand my reach beyond just marketing and writing. I began gravitating toward jobs that involved a wider variety of responsibilities.

Over the past eleven years, I have held office management and executive assistant positions in fast-paced settings across several industries including recruiting, nonprofit, real estate and healthcare.

I find it fulfilling and exciting to be the “go-to person” for maintaining a smoothly run office, and to help others stay organized and on track!

I like problem solving and the challenge of exploring and implementing new tools and systems that help increase firm productivity, such as new technology or effective recordkeeping and filing systems. I also enjoy contributing creative ideas when it comes to marketing, event planning and client communications.

Prior to joining HTG, I was an Office Manager for a company in the health insurance field, where I managed the administrative functions of an 80-person office and was heavily involved in the maintenance and enhancements of the office’s technological systems. I also handled the onboarding and training of new staff, planned company events and provided support to two executives.

After over three years there, I began looking to further challenge myself and gain experience in the field of wealth management. I want to help others and achieve a deeper understanding of how money impacts people and the world around us. The office manager role at HTG seemed like a perfect fit!

I appreciate working for a company that places such high value on really getting to know clients and guiding them toward a future that aligns their finances with their personal goals. I am excited to apply my professional skills and help HTG uphold its standard of providing exemplary service to its clients and their families.

In my spare time I like to be active: kayaking, tubing, swimming, hiking, yoga and fitness classes and walking outdoors. I also enjoy reading, writing, going to the beach, concerts and music, and spending time with family and friends.


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