Barbara Ollinger, CFP®

MBA, University of Connecticut
BS in Business Administration, University of Maine

My path to HTG’s door in 1998 was a circuitous one, the result of transitions, both personal and professional. My years as part of the HTG Family have been among the most rewarding ones of my career. Allow me to share my story.

As a child, I was certain that I wanted to be a teacher, just like my grandmother was. She loved every single day of her 40+ years of teaching. How rewarding, I thought, to help others learn new, important, and interesting things that would forever change their lives. However, on the advice of my high school guidance counselor, I became a business major instead. It suited me and my left-brained tendencies, and I loved learning, especially about finance and marketing.

My early career was spent in the banking industry. Several years in, I faced my first (and hopefully last) layoff. At the same time, I had become a single parent by way of a divorce. It was time to pivot. I found a firm that placed professional women in part-time careers – perfect for my stage in life at that time. I had a lot on my plate sorting out where to live and how to juggle work and single parenthood, all the while making sure my financial priorities were in focus. Thankfully, my skills and experience matched up with HTG’s needs as a young and growing firm.

We will all face transitions throughout our lives, and we never quite know what the future will hold. My transitions continued, navigating the world of a second marriage/blended family, a relocation, and most recently, my husband’s retirement. My personal experiences and life transitions have made me want to help others and make me a better advisor.

At HTG, we are advocates for education, having recognized many years ago that our clients needed guidance and advice in identifying and working toward their financial goals. To better help HTG’s clients and to enable us to offer comprehensive planning solutions, I attained my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2007.

The fun and rewarding part of my role as an advisor is helping others articulate their needs and goals and partnering with them to help them achieve those goals.

And when a change in circumstances, planned or unplanned, comes along, I am ready to help them realign and stay on track as together we tackle life’s challenging financial decisions and plan for their financial futures.

I’ve come to realize that I am a teacher after all, in helping my clients navigate the many facets of their financial lives. And I am also a perpetual student. As a financial advisor, there is always something new to learn, learn more about, or keep up with, given the ever-present changes inherent in this profession. There is never a dull moment in the life of a financial advisor, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

In addition to my role as planner and advisor, I am a member of HTG’s marketing team as well as a mentor to junior advisors.

When not working, I enjoy exploring Maine, hiking, walking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


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