Barbara Ollinger, CFP®

MBA, University of Connecticut
BS in Business Administration, University of Maine

My path to HTG was the result of life transitions, both personal and professional. They say every cloud has a silver lining and I believe that’s true. I had no idea how my challenges would lend themselves to helping others in meaningful ways.

In my earlier career I had spent a decade in the banking industry, where I was a loan officer in the areas of credit and loan review, residential construction lending, and commercial mortgage lending.

With the contraction of banks in the 90’s, however, came my first difficult and challenging life transition, a layoff. By now, I had a young daughter and was in the midst of another life transition, divorce. I wanted to balance my life between single parenting and having a meaningful career.

I was thrilled to be introduced to HTG, a young, forward thinking company. Working directly with clients who needed help in attaining their financial goals would prove to be a good blend of my analytical and interpersonal skill sets.

Because at HTG we are advocates for education, and in recognizing that more and more clients were in need of special guidance in achieving financial independence, I attained my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2007.

My current role as senior advisor affords me the opportunity to use my education, life experiences, and transitions to help my clients tackle life’s challenging financial decisions and plan for their financial futures.

Making a real difference in other people’s lives is truly rewarding and the opportunity to work with so many interesting clients from many different walks of life has been a pleasure.

In addition to designing and implementing portfolios and preparing financial plans, I am a member of HTG’s compliance team, and I enjoy mentoring junior advisors. I recently celebrated my 18th anniversary with HTG!

My outside interests include walking, bicycling, reading, organic vegetable gardening, and spending time with family including frequent visits to see my daughter in Seattle.


Please contact me below if you would like to schedule a call, video conference or meeting to discuss your needs and the services that HTG offers.